Ann Coulter and VDare strike out about The Pot

Posted On: Saturday - May 25th 2019 9:55AM MST
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From Ann Coulter's latest column - still batting a .990.

Miss Coulter's point was that at least the Romans DID build a wall.
Hadrian's Wall in England - keeping the barbarians out
for MUCH LESS than the cost of an interstate highway
(had they had 'em)

I'll give Peak Stupidity's numero uno pundit a break - it's pretty hard to bat one thousand. Actually, it's literally pretty hard to bat in the .400s, if you play serious baseball, but we're figuratively talking about punditry here. It's not at all like hitting a 90 mph fastball, contrary to what most of us pundits would have you believe! I've pointed out before that Ann Coulter still hangs on to a nutty belief that Affirmative Action is a good thing, for certain people. Bullshit. She is a real Libertarian, so this belief is a complete failing, as there is no way AA is Constitutional, along with Statist in other ways too. This kind of shit tends to bring one's average down.

Now, in her 2-columns ago at-bat, warning on the evils of "the weed" Miss Coulter whiffs another one. I don't argue with her anecdotes. She is a lawyer, so ... However, we've been through this stuff for almost a century in America. I'd though by now it was pretty clear that marijuana is one of the milder drugs, the Drug War causes nothing but more violence and crime than it prevents, and we (the nice proper lady voters) tried the outlawing of a potentially much more harmful drug alcohol, 100 years back, and that was a real shitshow. I always give the Americans and the Feral Gov't of that time lots of credit for at least handling prohibition via amendments to the Constitution rather than this "stroke-of-the-pen, law-of-the-land, kinda' cool!" shit* (as proudly advertised by the Bill Clinton administration) of the "current era".

Yeah, we are Libertarian here, not particularly pot-smokers, per se, but really, are there not much more important issues than this? Slowly chipping away at the unConstitutional "War on Substances" is a good thing and at least one piece of good news among all the Police State stupidity going on.

I will agree, though, that the liberalization of laws regarding pot due fall well into speculated plans by the globalist elites to "soma" (Brave New World) the people and keep them too mellow to fight back against the doom coming down on them. I just don't usually believe these elites are that brilliant and that they have 100-year plans, but perhaps it's just in the back of their minds, "yeah, let them have their pot. It can only be a good thing."

The only point I can see having in support of the Drug War is that at least it gave Conservative Inc, a reason to care about the southern border of the country. "Oops, those people are bringing drugs over - we don't care if they stay here among the proles, but we can't have that pot coming. Better send a few guys down there." Maybe that's the point at which the Reason magazine Libertards got the idea that it's OK for ANYTHING to come across the border. Is Ann Coulter's column a back-handed way of saying we need to control the border? Nah, I think she's more principled than that, just wrong here.

I don't know if it was due to their admiration for Ann Coulter (w/ present company included), but VDare seems to have briefly joined the anti-pot bandwagon too, as this within a day of Miss Coulter's column half of the meat & potatoes of VDare, James Fulford had two columns here and here along the same lines. There are dozens of different writers who write for VDare, but, come on, they've railed before against the Trump administration's concentrating on tax policy, etc., over immigration (agreed!), but let's get off the marijuana thing, huh? That's not a #winning** issue!

Back to Ann Coulter, well she has already redeemed herself a week later with Ann Coulter: U.S. Isn't Becoming Europe. We're Becoming Rome. In her latest column, she states that America is in a worse state with it's immigration stupidity than Europe. To me, that's arguable, but let's not argue too long - let's get another President and a large crowd of American people together who will do more than argue.

* From World Net Daily on executive orders back in '12:
It was a presidential aide to Clinton, Paul Begala, who put the controversy into perspective, back in July 1998.

“Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kinda cool,” he said, boasting how the Clinton machine was able to simply dictate what it wanted to have happen.

It came as Clinton glibly announced he would issue a barrage of executive orders to push his agenda forward without input from Congress.

** It's not like I believe you need to support the "winning issue" on anything, of course. After all, Immigration was not a winning issue until candidate Donald Trump, but that never meant it wasn't THE existential issue. Pot is just not any kind of existential issue. Leave them kids alone.

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