"At least he made the trains run on time!"

Posted On: Friday - May 10th 2019 1:52PM MST
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That's what the supporters of Italian WWII-era Fascist Benito Mussolini would say about him. Now, over in France, they need a leader (doesn't specifically have to be a Fascist) to make the trains even stop at the stations!

(Hey, that's a tweet. Did I just make a tweet then? I am SO proud of myself!)

To add to Peak Stupidity's post back on Tuesday, Italian Media "Property" roughed up by ungracious guests of the country, we wanted to explain the part of the story regarding what this lady was in this no-go/no-stop zone reporting on to begin with. It has to do with thousands to millions of what they call "migrants" in Europe. I suppose they were invited, after all, by some stupid evil Globalist Commie broad.

It's the usual immigration stupidity story here, so rather than discuss the same stupidity as has been been covered quite a bit here, I'll lead this post in a somewhat different direction. That is, do any readers remember talking to Europeans 25, maybe 30 or 40 years ago? You may or may not have gotten into any discussion about American race relations, but European people I talked to back then did not understand what America has gone through with this. I don't blame them - they wouldn't know with no experience. If you wanted to discuss history, no, Europeans knew (and know) even less about the causes of the War of Northern Aggression and that sort of thing than most Americans do. Hey, that's to be expected, no problem.

What would bug me is the arrogant attitude that many had about things that they could not understand. American white people had put up with a lot and tried a lot of things to help, and to get along with, black people over the last 50, but arguably 165, years. Not much has worked. Yet, you'd hear from English, French, or German visitors (or talk to them on that trip overseas) that "your country is great, but what's the deal with all that racism stuff?" "Why do you have all those deplorable racists treating black people so mean?" It came often in with the English condescension (because, just with that accent, they SOUND smarter!), the French snootyness (nose in the air - "you ave to treat zeeez people nicer, like we would in Fronce") or the German air of authority ("We haff no Nazis now. You are zee racists.)

I kind of wonder what some of these, now middle-aged, volks haff to ... [Stop that! - Ed] say about the situation, now that they have a large unassimilable crowd of un-like people in their midst. Would they think back to their words of yesteryear and understand they were wrong? Maybe they would tell me that their situation is different, that these Moslems and blacks in Europe are just not assimilated yet, but in America we are still just racists, sticking to the narrative. I don't know, but it's another case of schadenfreude for me, as some of them must be wondering if their situation matches large portions of American cities, and I'd like to head over there just for a quick "I told you so".

At least here in America, no matter how bad the violence and destruction of society has been, the trains still will stop at all the stations! It may be simply a matter of lots of places where trains stop being places in which the non-violent Americans may be packing concealable .380s*.

* New York City, with the biggest (and oldest) of the subway systems in America is a "gun-free" zone for anyone not a criminal or politician. That doesn't stop everybody, such as an old hero of mine, Mr. Bernie Goetz.

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