Italian Media "Property" roughed up by ungracious guests of the country

Posted On: Tuesday - May 7th 2019 6:28PM MST
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Francesca Parisella, probably a pretty hot piece of ... property, in her prime:

Breitbart today posted this story, reporting that:
An Italian TV reporter and her cameraman were assaulted during a live broadcast whilst covering the living conditions of African migrants hoping to break into northern Europe in search of higher welfare payments.
Explain to me again, Lyin' Press, why there is anything of benefit for the people of Europe for taking in people like this? I had though Chairman Merkel had explained this to us, but the reasoning of that evil Commie broad eludes me yet again.

What this reporter was doing at this no-go-zone subway station* was reporting on the mess there from these newcomer "Italians", and that would be another good post for tomorrow, with some points that VDare (especially writer Brenda Walker, on the human factors side) has been pointing out for years. The lady pictured above got roughed up by the unwelcoming and ungrateful newcomers, pissed off about not enough welfare, you know, after all they've paid in over the years and stuff.
Just after the reporter told viewers that she and her team “don’t want to disturb [the migrants] further”, the camera was visibly shaken and appeared to have been turned on its side, causing Parisella to alert the Matrix host Nicola Porro that her party was under attack.

Following Porro’s warning to the TV journalist to “get out of there”, Parisella could be heard running from the station before the assailants caught up with her.

“What do you want? You’re crazy!” she said, and emitted screams of terror.

“Oh God, Francesca, get out of there,” said Porro, before instructing the Matrix producer to alert police to the attack.

From the Matrix studio a few minutes later, the presenter explained that “Francesca is upset but well. [Assailants] destroyed the camera and beat up the cameraman ..."
I hate to say it, but the Lyin' Press really needs some of this treatment. What else will it take for them to quit being the sackhangers of the Globalists who want to eliminate the European and traditional American peoples?
According to local media, a 37-year-old man hailing from the Ivory Coast has been detained in connection with the attack. The alleged aggressor was known to police for a list of crimes including domestic violence and was ordered by the prefect of Rome last September to be deported.
Yeah, WTF is new? Nobody seems to follow those deportation orders anymore. It's not much different from getting a parking ticket, I suppose. They're not going to come looking for you unless you kill a few people or cut the heads off of the parking meters, in the latter case.

* I mean NO-STOP, really, as the "Metro" train drivers say it's not safe to stop there. That is amazing! They may as well fill in the whole platform portion with fill dirt, so you don't have to clean it.

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