Drinking the Kommie Kool-Aid 40 years back - Part 4

Posted On: Tuesday - April 30th 2019 8:08PM MST
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In this continuation from the previous post on this wild historical event, I'd like to present 2 of a number youtube clips from TV broadcasts about the Jonestown massacre of November 1978 with Peak Stupidity's commentary.

Firstly, I feel vindicated in what I wrote about not remembering anything about Socialism or Communism in those reports from 40 years ago. I didn't claim in that I knew for sure, but in the 7 minute clip, and the 27 minute one, there is still NO talk about the hard-core-Commie political persuasion of Mr. Jim Jones and his crowd in Guyana, S. America. Interestingly, in this first video, only 45 seconds in, the newsman stated "The words on everybody's lips were 'Shades of Auschwitz" in reference to the sight of (what were then tallied at) 400 bodies. Alright, so you mention atrocities of the Nazis in to compare this to, but NOTHING of Communist atrocities, and, hey, whaddya' know, newsman, hello: The People's Temple cultists were Communists, and everybody knew that! No analogy there? Nothing?

From KGO news in San Francisco, this first video is a very early report on this especially-local story for San Francisco where the People's Temple headquarters still had dozens of people inside. Even a full day later, on this newscast in the evening in San Francisco, 2:30A the next day in Guyana, the body count was still 400 only. Keep in mind, this was 1978. People were not connected as now and not constantly taking pictures and video.

In other words, there were no tweets of:
We all will drink Grape Kool-Aid 2-Nite. Here's my cup! OMG, this is kinda creepy. It's tuff B-ing a Com-E, LOL. Guys, get down here. I'll text Mama good-nite. She's so old-fashion LOL!
There was no facebook on which to put ones favorite Kool-Aid recipes either.

I can't fault this news team for not mentioning the political aspect as the story was just about the suicides/murders. Compared to today's spin and constant nitpicking at tiny details to fill up a 24-hour news-day, this was straight-up news reporting. It's an amazing thing to watch. Oh, I don't know about "They [the bodies] are in rows, and very quiet, of course.". WTF? Yes, of course, they are quiet, or we're dealing with more of a Dawn of the Dead scenario than a simple mass suicide/murder.

This next is a more detailed piece from 2 days later from San Francisco TV station KQED, and mostly is set as a panel interview with people in the know about the goings on with the People's Temple. By this point, relatives and close friends of the dead and missing were asking lots of questions and not happy about the cult. Please watch the whole thing if you have time:

Some comments on this one: I LUV those American cars! I'm not sure about that first car, the land yacht, but I'm pretty sure that was a Mustang II in there. (The 3rd generation Mustangs would have been coming out right that month.) The Japs had been making big inroads for a coupla years already, but there was still mostly American metal on the roads. Another thing, I shoulda emptied my piggy bank into the DOW at 805!

Now, about the story, as I wrote above, people wanted answers at this point. Guess what the 1st white guy official shown being asked a question on the street had to defend himself with - "but, but, Martin Luther King ...." Same old bit, even 40 years ago. Then during the panel discussion, Jim Jones' personal doctor, a black guy, defends him by saying the city of San Francisco is a very racist city. This is while he was being interviewed by the black lady host, Belva Davis, with a part-Chinese lady, one Pamela Young (fairly cute), pumping up the diversity. There's nothing new under the sun, I guess. Councilman Willie Brown, still around today(!) is on the show, bullshitting less than the other black guy.

Even with the BSers at the TV discussion (not all of the guys), this was such a straightforward look into this event vs. the spin and stupidity of today's Lyin' Press.

This Jonestown massacre has been a very interesting thing to learn about. If you get nothing else out of this, please remember not to drink the Kool-Aid.

PS: I didn't mention yet, in all 4 of these posts on Jonestown, the 39 suicides committed together in 1997 in the "Heaven's Gate" cult. Yes, it was in California - why even ask? I would have thought that that was only 10-15 years ago. Time flies, I guess. Notice that the People's Temple death toll beats Heaven's Gate by a factor of > 20. Nobody does culting big anymore. It seems only the Communists can pull this big-time shit off, I guess.

PPS: I forgot to include a link to more on Kool-Aid, Flavor-Aid, and the types of poison used. That's just in case the reader may want to get into the cult business. Hey, things may pick up!

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