Word Scramble gone wrong

Posted On: Thursday - April 25th 2019 8:47PM MST
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Firstly, this evening, I'd like to apologize to Peak Stupidity readers for having an almost blog-free week so far. Between traveling and simultaneously getting hung up arguing with people on other blogs, there've been nothing but 2 posts this Tuesday so far. I will try to write more tomorrow.

For now, it's just this kid's simple word scramble puzzle (goes along with some homework, or it IS homework) has got me really wondering about those in the Big-Ed bidness.

Really? Are you sure the kids don't know this one?:

I wouldn't think it'd be very hard to make these puzzles. Just write in the letters for the words you want the kids to find and then fill in the rest. Oh, yeah, check to make sure you didn't actually spell something you'd rather not teach right now. Sex Ed is not till 3rd grade now, right?

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