Lousiana Lou and Three-Card-Monty John - Allman Brothers

Posted On: Tuesday - April 23rd 2019 8:02PM MST
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This Allman Brothers' song is from the album Win, Lose, or Draw, which even though from back in 1975, was just a tad after the band's prime. Two of the band members, Dwayne Allman, lead guitarist, and Berry Oakley, bass player had died from motorcyle wrecks just 1 year and 3 blocks apart in Macon Georgia in 1971 and 1972, respectively. They still had Gregg (who died 2 years back), Dickey Betts, and the rest, so it's still good stuff, just not well known.

"Now 3-card-monty is a gamblin' game,
2 black aces and a pretty red queen.
Keep your eye on the lady, and lay your money down.
Watch the fastest hand you've ever seen."

Yeah, it doesn't have to be cards. A guy in the back of a city bus had 3 half walnut shells with a piece of foam, and I was to watch where the one with the foam ended up to win 10 big ones (long ago, and it would be a Benjamin to me now, at least). I didn't know they cheat! I lost my money, and it took till 5 minutes later before I realized that the foam was in the guy's hand the whole time. It's not like getting him to show me anything would have gotten my $10 back, as there were 3 of them, and I didn't know the neighborhood.

Gambling (oh, wait, GAMING) is one thing - cheating is another.

Gregg Allman — lead vocals, Hammond organ, clavinet and acoustic guitar
Richard Betts — lead guitar, slide guitar, lead vocals and acoustic guitar
Jaimoe — drums and percussion
Chuck Leavell — piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Moog synthesizer, clavinet and background vocals
Butch Trucks — drums, congas, percussion and timpani
Lamar Williams — electric bass

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