Fraser Anning of "Strileya" and the feel good picture of the year

Posted On: Tuesday - April 23rd 2019 7:35PM MST
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"The feel good flick of they year!"
"Two thumbs tucked in!" - Roger Ebert's Krav-Maga coach.

If you've seen/heard this story already, I apologize for finally getting around to Fraser Anning. If not, please take the 50 seconds to watch. This ctrl-left kid, most likely incensed by a guy who tells the truth (a big no-no these days), with his assumption of getting a pass from major media and all other parts of today's institutions, did not see this coming. That's very enjoyable. It's not just that we see someone stand up for himself, a feel-good theme of a large percentage of old Western and other action movies. We all appreciate that. However, it's also important that these leftists and Commies get to feel some physical pain now, as we really don't want to wait for them to get into positions of power, then purged or killed in the next endlessly-on-going revolution. No, there's too much misery for everyone else that takes place. These people must feel physical reprisals for their own acts of violence ASAP.

Before I discuss Australian Senator Fraser Anning, let me point out something about that young kid in the video. What was the point in taking his own video? Was that being streamed in case the big camera video was not shown? That could be the case, but the problem for him was having his left hand tied up with the stupid phone. At least he could have tried a block if he'd have both hands free. I'm not defending the guy, but I just stay amazed at how these pieces of Artificial Stupidity called smart phones stay attached to young people as body-appendages. I don't know, but I'd have dropped the phone before I took the first punch, yet this guy held onto it even after a hit to the face! I don't think he dropped it until he was tackled. As the cops were taking a statement(?), he looked dazed, which was probably just due to his being without his phone.

Anyway, "hey man, nice shot!" That's the kind of stuff Americans expect from the blokes down under. I don't think there are many traditional Americans who've ever said a bad word about the Aussies. For various reasons, I guess, we like them. We know they aren't all Crocodile Dundees, but the wildness of the place and people (at least what used to be the vast majority of Australians) seems to us to be a step above us as Americans, with the Brits, and Canadians even moreso, not having the same mojo. It probably has something to do with their ancestors of 200 years back having been convicts.

Don't get your heart set on Australia as an ideal bug-out location, though, Peak Stupidity Preppers. Most of the guns were banned, or at least made difficult to obtain, almost 25 years ago, and their immigration-invasion policies are not a whole lot better than the Immigration Stupidity here. Only being a big continent-level island has made it still a slightly better situation (though not with the Moslems, it seems) than here.

This is why a man like Fraser Anning, who somewhat-fortuitously made it to the office of Senator down there (representing Queensland) is such a joy to hear from. You don't get his kind of truth-telling from a high-office holder in any country very often. Perhaps that he's in the Australian parliament can ONLY be explained by luck. By the way, I just learned that this guy who threw that quick left jab at "Egg Boy" is 1/2 year from being 70 years old!

From the Aussie version of the Lying' Press we read the latest from Fraser Anning, on the carnage in Ceylon (now gay-sounding "Sri Lanka"):
I also said during Christchurch, that whilst Muslims had been the victims, Muslims are usually the perpetrators in terrorist attacks,” he tweeted.

Senator Anning finished off his bizarre rant by warning Australians there will be more terrorist attacks here if the government continued to allow Muslims to enter the country.

He even went as far as telling people they would “face death” if they didn’t heed his advice.
[My bolding]

I don't see the bizarreness here. Yes, they are usually the perpatrators. Yes, of course there will be more attacks the larger your Moslem minority (for now) becomes. Yep, lots more than 290 people "faced death" in Ceylon a coupla days back, but "only" 290 people died. Face your Moslem problem, or face death - no, that's not really bizarre. I guess what Senator Anning tweeted was bizarrely truthful, if you want to put it that way.

Oh, one of Fraser Anning's tweets said:
“Almost 300 dead due to Islamic terrorists in Sri Lanka. Where is egg boy now?”
Very good question, Sir. Looking for his phone?

Godspeed, Fraser Anning! You are a real Australian, the way we remember 'em.

PS: I really wanted to discuss Senator Anning's 8-point policy or agenda that I'd seen somewhere. (There was only 1 point I thought was Socialist nonsense, but the rest was good stuff.) Looking through duckduckgo links after a search based on "policy", "agenda", etc. showed me that the hate against this guy from the ctrl-left is IN-tense. They really can't stand a guy that stands up for his white countrymen. He's been de-facebooked and such, and all this makes me like him even more. Well, the discussion on actual policy will have to wait for another post, if I can ever dig it out of the hateful bullshit that the search engines pull up.

Thursday - April 25th 2019 4:41AM MST
PS: Lord, I hope so, BC.

The thing is, as we have learned from depending on one guy, Candidate Donald Trump (as opposed to President Trump) is that that doesn't work. One guy can not, and in this case will not, do the job necessary to stop the ruination.

Leaders like Senator Anning down under can pop up anytime though. It just takes a decent crowd of patriotic followers to NOT CARE about being doxxed, criticized, or just called names, for a movement to grow like crazy and to allow the guy to go from being marginalized to being de-facto leader of said movement.
Wednesday - April 24th 2019 12:49PM MST
PS: A star is born.
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