Kids and the running broad jump

Posted On: Saturday - April 20th 2019 7:26PM MST
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There is no topic key here for child stupidity, as there's really nothing wrong with it. It's whom they be. Secondly, we'd be pretty hard-pressed to justify criticism of a level of stupidity that is usually significantly higher than that of the average American Liberal-Arts graduate student. I'm writing about 6 year-olds here.

It's just a quick observation here to round out the week: Did you ever watch a kid working on making a longer running broad jump or trying to make it into the middle of a big leaf pile? He's tried it once but wants to do better. "I'm gonna go faster this time, watch me!" He walks 50 ft away and runs like hell, for a kid. "Did you see that, Daddy!? OK, wait I'm gonna go even farther." Then he runs 100 yards away. In his mind that much farther will result in that much more speed. All this stuff about speed vs. acceleration is still well into his future.

The kid turns around, then runs 50 yards, gets tuckered out, and limps it in toward the leaf pile. Enough of that, time to dig holes now to find buried treasures. What a nice time!

If not on a trip Monday, I want to write about the Aussie Fraser Anning. Thanks for reading.

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