Orwellian PC Stupidity and the Line in the Sand

Posted On: Thursday - April 18th 2019 6:54PM MST
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Peak Stupidity came upon this "Prager University" youtube video just yesterday, which left us with some thoughts about current Conservatism, even the real thing, and its disregard, or disinterest in the US Constitution. The video here, on the sickeningly stupid genderbender-agenda (like that one?) is called Preferred Pronouns or Prison.

At it's beginning, this video refers to a crazy 2017 California law (what's new?), signed by Governor Moonbeam* that dictates use of unwanted pronouns as a crime. This is beyond Orwellian, as how could George Orwell have predicted the level of stupidity we are at today? He didn't have the Super Computers for Modeling this stuff. Common sense alone would not have let him foresee a day when made-up pronouns are mandated to be used for people who can decide their sex on the fly... without even checking their flies, as a matter of fact. We didn't mind California being called the land of fruits and nuts back in the 60's through 70's when it was just some cults abducting a few nubile women, gay people containing themselves to certain bars and Castro Districts, and Governor Browns and such. The old stuff didn't involve so much coercion as the California stupidity of the present day. The fruits and nuts operated mostly in the private sector. Now, the public sector pie is not just fruity and nutty but paranoid-schitzoid-multipolar!

OK, now please watch the video if you have the < 6 minutes. I will admit that the narrator is not my type ... of narrator. (Sure, I'm used to Faith Goldy sorts with their shirts not quite so ... buttoned.) The voice is not excellent for a video, but decent. I've seen a lot worse from male narrators lately, and it's good enough here:

The logic here is impeccable. It'a a reasoned approach and uses the basic principles of what free speech is all about to argue against all this stupidity. That's fine. You've convinced lots of Libertarians and Conservatives who are on (this side of) the fence, lady. However, do any of you people (directed at Prager-U writers and producers) really think the ctrl-left and their Globalist-elite backers give a damn about your reasoning? They want to push this shit to destroy what's left of American traditional culture. They enjoy it even more, the more absolutely stupid it all is. It's a matter of pushing the stupidity in your face and saying "eat this shit or we'll haul you away. We really don't need this shit eaten, but this is gonna show you who's boss here, in the current year." They don't need your steenkeeng logic, lady.

Now, with that said, I am still glad the US Constitution, or what you can make out, out of the shredder, is still ostensibly the Law of the Land. It's not that we're going to be able to keep it effectively the Law of the Land much longer, with our importing of millions of voters yearly who've come from cultures that don't even understand the concepts our Founding Fathers laid down, much less have any inclination to defend the principles over voting tribally.

However, I'll say this: This stuff is worse in formerly-Great formerly-Britain. When the Orwellian laws are drawn up over there, all the Brits can do is argue, but as nothing but skirmishes to cover their continual retreat into a diverse, Socialist, PC hellhole. They have no Constitution to even verbally defend their views to themselves. We have that here. Sure, as I wrote already, the other side DOES NOT CARE. However, we have a line in the sand. Our Founders drew that line. Though most Americans have retreated yards back from our ctrl-left PC bullies over the years, some of us haven't, and we all know where the line still is. Amendment II must be seen as this Line in the Sand. If we let it be crossed, all else is just blustering.

* While writing that post, Full Moonbeam over Sacramento, I really had thought that Jerry Brown was still to be the governor - I found out he'd been replaced in Nov. '18 by the possibly nuttier Gavin Newsome, who was, in fact, sworn in 2 days after my post! Weird.

Friday - April 19th 2019 3:28PM MST
PS: Much respect to you and Sailer for your work. I've always felt that iSteve holds back, which is nothing more than judicious for someone earning a livelihood in current year. He makes his point, and he has maybe the best comment section in the business in terms of thought-provoking and useful commentary. I see his column mentioned in other, less restrained blogs, almost always with props for the work he does.
Friday - April 19th 2019 9:45AM MST
PS: Yeah, it's kind of like it is in/under iSteve Sailer posts on unz. I don't know if Mr. Sailer really believes these kinds of people can be reached with logic. He and the commenters (including me) enjoy pointing out the sheer hypocrisy and stupidity of it. We shouldn't be thinking that any of that conversation, even if they took the time to read, would matter at all to the ctrl-left. They know what they want.

Of course, this blog is named Peak Stupidity, so calling out the stupidity of it all is my job, I guess, even if it's only to make enjoyable reading. In general, the people more serious about thinking of ways to defeat the ctrl-left are on the Constitutional/prepper sites, or they don't talk about it at all in public (probably a good idea).
Friday - April 19th 2019 6:26AM MST
PS: Yes, absolutely. I have given up wasting time by pointing out the hypocrisy of the ctrl-left. That may be a measure of how red-pilled you have become--have you stopped sputtering about the non sequiturs, ad hominems, and post-hoc fallacies of those people who want to wipe out your culture. Those barbarians don't care about logic, that's just more white-man doubletalk to them.

I guess you could justify it as an attempt to persuade the normal, everyday folks who are not wise to the scam; but if those folks have their heads that deep in the sand (or wherever), you've got a lot of work ahead. Just think about the reasoning ability of someone who thinks that calling that dude over there by a feminine pronoun is a perfectly legitimate request to make in a sane world. I need to stop now--I'm beginning to sputter.
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