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Posted On: Tuesday - April 16th 2019 7:25PM MST
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You've probably heard as much as you wanted to about the terrible destructive fire that destroyed much of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris ... well, unless it's some real information on whether this was some act of terrorism. It's not like you WOULD get that story from high authorities in France if it were true. The Moslem population there is too high already, just under 9%, for them to risk serious political turmoil within the population, beyond what's been going on with the yellow vest crowd for months.

Knowing that cocksucker Macron, it'd be very likely that even if it came out that this was Moslem-instigated, his rhetoric would be all aimed at the Catholic French population, admonishing them about not stating any of that backlash. If this is not what it would take to incite the French people to get serious about the enemies within their gates, I doubt anything would. OK, we don't know, then, and other than speculation about this or that unfortunate accident that probably led to the conflagration in one of the highest cultural and religious artifacts of Western Christianity, that's all we're gonna know.

The only reason I posted at all on this, with nothing really new to say, is that this Peak Stupidity post from right at a year ago is a quick blurb on my family trip there. The picture above is from that previous post.

Western Civilization is about at a crisis point, all of its own making. Calling for a Crusade is not gonna cut it, as it's all about the rot within.

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