Al Sharpton vets the Blue Squad of The Party

Posted On: Saturday - April 6th 2019 2:25PM MST
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(About 10 years back, I had a chance to get into it with this guy, maybe resulting even in my punching him out. Alas, I'd have been fired from a good job. Tough call.)

During this week, pundit extraordinaire Steve Sailer, posted three bits about the "Reverend" Al Shapton, Doctor of Race Hustling, and his the ass-kissing toward him by the current lame-ass Old Pharts and Young Turds of the blue squad (still using the "D" strangely enough, instead of "C" for Communist). From his 3 posts on the latest, Beto Pledges to Sharpton to Pass Reparations Bill, Al Sharpton's ISteve Content-Generating Convention Rolls on, and It's Sharpton's Democratic Party Now, we can read what an influence Sharpton seems to have. He seems akin to the AIPAC folks who vet candidates for their loyalty to the Jewish causes, though his people don't have nearly the amount of folding money - most are pretty much broke!

It's a new blue-squad, I guess, and its extreme-left race/homo/genderbender idiology would rule out a Jewish leader, or any white guy anymore, as the one for vetting and reception of kisses on the ass. Too bad for those that used to run the place, but Peak Stupidity is not all broken up about it.

For those looking on in amusement, even the most-Reverend Jessie Jackson, Sr., would be just slightly more palatable than Al Shapton. He is probablly the most evil of the popular race-huslers, as pretty much just a lying sack of shit. You'd think I wouldn't miss Martin Luther King (I can't avoid the streets named after the guy, though), but I'll give the Commie, philandering, hypocritical "Reverend" "Doctor" Martin Luther King, "Junior" (who knows, right?) credit for being a very good speaker at least. Oh, and for getting shot. That takes guts.

I guess that's all we may as well do, look on in amusement ... while we decide if it's worth it to even try to save what's left of America or bug the hell out.

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