Affirmative Action for the marble-supply-challenged

Posted On: Saturday - March 30th 2019 10:34AM MST
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As the long-term Peak Stupidity reader should well know by now, this site does not purport to follow the 24/7 infotainment of the Lyin' Press on current events (as we used to call it, back in the day). We document the current-era shitshow of stupidity in a more random fashion. If you are looking for recent news in order of occurrence, this is not the place. We do hear and read about stuff, and if it fits our theme, then it's fit to publish. The Christchurch, New Zealand shooting has been analyzed (well, I'm guessing, as I don't participate) through and through by the Lyin' Press. It's been a good excuse for more Orwellian actions of stupidity by government, even that of that far-away mountainous 2-island nation that we may have thought of as idyllic.

It does not help at all for a country like that, hell, any country, to have a woman leader like the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern they've got over there. Writing on VDare over a week back, Lance Welton explains After Christchurch: Why Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Was The Wrong Leader For New Zealand. Now, a little bit about the young writer, Mr. "Lance Welton". Firstly, I'm just ASSUMING he's young from his writing. He seems very confident in his postulations on the reasons for events, going back to evolutionary psychology and other non-technical social studies to explain things, but with just a little too much enthusiastic extrapolation, let's say. I'm just saying that he gets a little off the deep end sometimes. (I've read at least 10 of his VDare articles.) Still, he's on our side, I mostly agree with him, and it's interesting reading.

That said, I may not have anything at all to disagree with in this specific article, in which he posits that the woman Prime Minister of New Zealand has long ago gone completely mental. (OK, you need to read that terminology with an English, or better yet, Kiwi, accent to get the full effect. Here in the other colonies, we use the phrase "bat-shit crazy".) Because I have a lot to say about this, I won't even excerpt any of Mr. Welton's article, but he does give lots of background on this Jacinda Ardern.

Should we have women leaders at all? Other than for church groups, homeschooling co-ops, the PTA (recently rebranded as the PTO, BTW), cross-stitch support groups, and that sort of thing, long-answer-short, NO. It's not the way things were meant to be. You've got your occasional woman leader that DOES work out, your Maggie Thatchers and such, sure. The "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of England pretty much at the same time as Mr. Reagan was President here, played a serious part in the winning of the Cold War, along with Mr. Reagan, of course, then Lec Walesa of Poland, the old (real) Pope, J.P.-3, Konrad Adenauer of Germany, and millions of American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and mechanical/electrical engineers and technicians. Mrs. Thatcher was compared to Mr. Reagan, both as people with strong principles (Mr. Reagan's perhaps being dissipated some by that early-on warning shot to the lung by a .22 shot - I do want to write more on this piece of history.)

I think, though, of the Eva Perons and your Imelda Marcoses, and really aren't having much luck here, other than the Queens of England over the years, but we need neither Queens nor Kings. It seems like leaving the Perons and Marcoses with large power just results in large shopping expeditions for shoes and dresses at the taxpayers' expense. Sure, we've seen worse expenditures by 4 or 5 orders of magnitude, but it's the fact that they think of themselves above their country, as woman don't seem to be wired to have real principles, in general. That can be a good thing, cough, cough, Bill, cough, Clinton, at the best of times when we just don't want anything bad to be done. Sometimes, with a woman leader, even a stopped clock can be right during the right time of the month. Normally, though, you want some principles in a leader, and would rather said leader spend the taxpayers money on nearly a million square miles of land, a la Thomas Jefferson, or an Anti-Ballistic Missile System, a la Ronnie Reagan, versus 1200 pairs of shoes, sequined dresses, or a million violence-prone young men for excitement, the latter a la Comrade Merkel.

No, come to think of it, the only good example of the Maggie Thatchers I can come up with is pretty much just, well, Maggie Thatcher. Was it a fluke, or just different times, when women leaders were held to the same standard? Miss Thatcher was well past menopause, but then, the cut-off in that monthly craziness about that whole egg thing does not explain The Hildabeast.

Where were we, oh, yes, the nut-ball Jacinda Ardern from down-under-and-then-1300-miles-east. After a massive murder binge of some (for-the-moment) innocents by that Australian, due to his rage at the on-going ruination of that part of the world via massive immigration, the lady decided to double-down. Now, many a man would do the same (take that General Casey, please, with his statement on his worries about the loss of diversity over American lives under HIS charge), but it's Mrs Ardern's sympathizing with the Moslems over all the rest of her own kind, seen in her rag-covered head above, that is a woman thing. (I guess a man would do the equivalent by hanging at the mosque with his ass in the air praying to WHAT HE THINKS is due East.) It's all about the FEELINGS, and that's very bad in the long run, as Peak Stupidity has written about previously (very much the same topic, but here in America) in Dealing with tragic reality and the women's vote.

Prime Minister Ardern with her future fellow Kiwi-Heads:

(Could they come up with green burkas possibly, for, you know, branding?)

It may be better to use that logic that, well, you may not even have, to look at the long run. Your country, like all of the "West", had been aiding and abetting a (mostly) unarmed massive invasion of immigrants. Yeah, I know you all down there want the Chinese money influx, and at least that crowd is non-violent, well until they get that occasional Mao and Pol Pot, pretty well civilized and down with free markets. Even they, however, are NOT the same as Western people, as a general group. You won't be able to keep your doors unlocked, trust an average neighbor, and do deals with a handshake, per the Western high-trust ways.

The Chinese are one thing. Letting 100's of thousands or millions of Moslems immigrate and raise much-larger families than you Kiwis will work out VERY BADLY in the long run, as New Zealand will become nothing resembling what I and you yourself think of it. In fact, those people, that you've been all lovey-dovey with, would put you to the sword for being the nut-case that you are, not to mention telling you to STFU first and taking your car keys (hey, they have some good points too, you know).

As much as you don't want to glorify a mass murderer, would it not behoove the lady to at least read his "manifesto". (I put it in quotes just because it's more like a notebook, and he admits he lost the first one, haha!) Per the words of a vibrant gentleman, Mr. Fat Albert, if she's not careful, she may learn something. I read what I hope was the real thing - the NZ truth ministry has made it hard to really know - and the guy had lots of good points. Do you want this sort of thing to happen again, Mrs. Ardern? Oh, you will take all the weapons away, will you? Besides the fact that if this gets to war, once the invaders have pushed the population to some limit, lots of things will be made into weapons, you've lost your best self-defense as a woman now. Nice forward thinking there. Worse yet, this nut-ball Prime Minister is going full on Orwell now, with the clamping down on what can be said or even read, on social media, or probably anywhere. This is right down to the level of 1984 but with TECH ("TECH" meaning computer software, not mechanical and electrical technology). It was not mentioned by Mr. Welton, but perhaps the sub-conscious realization that "Oh, I am the Minister of Truth from the book now", while at the same she's time trying to think she is a good person, has been exacerbating the craziness of Jacinda Ardern.

OK, most of what I've written about is about stupidity, not necessarily a loss of marbles. Read Lance Welton's article for a look at the craziness aspect of this leader of New Zealand. Is this acceptance of crazy-people in positions of power just a new form of Affirmative Action? World-wide? I've never liked the AA idea from the get-go, as a lover of freedom, but this is really over the top. Perhaps, as one might expect, the Catholic Church has been at the forefront of this use of AA for the "marble-supply-challenged" for over a decade now with their anointment of the amicable nut-ball So-Called Pope they're calling Pope Francis. I note that this is to be expected, as, as soon as the Church got done with reading Latin, there was probably a lot of good advice and information lost. Stuff like "Politicus Insanus Stupiditae" come to mind.

The world can't go on with nut-balls in political power, along with all our other forms of stupidity. They should be re-located from places like 10 Downing Street, wherever this stupid broad lives, and even Pennsylvania Avenue in the near future, to the State Hospitals in which the severe mental cases used to reside. (More on this regarding the homeless situation in American cities is coming in an upcoming post.)

Peak Stupidity's 2019 design for our leaders' future wardrobes:

It's just a shame that you've got people like Jacinda Ardern, rather than that feisty Frasier Anning, who's my kind of Australian, down-under. Americans may still tend to think of those lands as a last resort bug-out place to be with other white westerners when bad things go down. New Zealand especially, has always been that unknown remote white outpost which we figured would take us in. Why bother now? Our backs are up against the wall here, with no good bug-out location.

To think it used to just be that misty mountain land, known in our imaginations to be inhabited by some Hobbits and other Tolkien creatures fighting the Orcs (or something) among the darkest depths of Mordor.

Yes, it's EGREGIOUS! We have not put enough Zeppelin on this blog. (So far it's just been the Houses of the Holy). It is probably the worst mistake Peak Stupidity has ever made. That Ramble On from the Led Zeppelin II album contains those ethereal lyrics involving something about Mordor, Hobbits and what-not, but that was just a fad or hobby for these 4 great musicians. Between Robert Plant's singing, Jimmy Page's guitar, John Paul Jone's great bass guitar, and the kick-ass drumming (something I really only got turned onto after a friend mentioned it, and I listened more closely) of the late John Bonham, there was nothing but great music out of that band.

PS: Upon reading this post over a year later, I might should have titled it Ramble On, haha!

Sunday - March 31st 2019 4:46AM MST
The Physical Graffiti album has, as a collection, the best drumming of any album. It doesn't hurt that it is a double album.
Saturday - March 30th 2019 8:18PM MST
PS: Haha, and thanks for the correction. I fixed it 6 times.

Oh yeah, I didn't mention Teresa May. Yeah, they're all nuts, or evil. Either problem could be solved with those straightjackets.
Saturday - March 30th 2019 12:04PM MST
PS: BTW, I think it's Welton, not Weldon. I started not to point that out because I wouldn't want anyone to think I was still sulking about the Newman-Neuman thing, but the old OCD wouldn't let go of it.
Saturday - March 30th 2019 11:53AM MST
PS: I had thought the NZ pm was just an attention whore, but the Welton article suggests, as you say, that she just may be men(t)'al (say it with a glottal stop like they would in the old country). With that settled, what's Teresa May's problem? Same thing?
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