How I Ended up in a Psych Ward on Election Night

Posted On: Saturday - December 3rd 2016 6:00PM MST
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Not me, this is another dude. It is downright hilarious, but unbelievably-unintentionally so.

TRIGGER WARNING: This article is in the Huffington Post, which I would not ordinarily read nor link to. If I ever do again, you have my permission right now to put me in the psych ward (but not the same room as this f__king guy, please!). I got this link off another guy's site, and he was right that it was worth it.

BTW, some of the commenters are smart, say 5-8 % of 'em. That surprised me, as the the HuffPo censors must have been unavailable (maybe having rotated too many into the psych ward?)

Since I'm a youtube emedding fool, here's just 3-4 seconds of George Costanza 5:34 - 5:38, in case the time interval doesn't take on your browser:

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