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Posted On: Monday - November 28th 2016 7:36PM MST
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OK, I'm going live after messing with this URL and my doctored-up blog software on-and-off for longer than I want to admit right now.

I will try to keep a lot of humor in my posts as I write about the crazy, stupid, and once-in-a-while decent things going on in the country and the world. You can see this in the banner above and the "What is ...?" link on the left. However, I will probably come off as a curmudgeon much of the time.

What is a curmudgeon? You've heard the term, I figure. As a curmudgeon, my first beef is the definitions that appear when I bing (same as google, possibly less spying involved) the word. The definitions just involve cranky, mean, stubborn, contankerous, etc. I have better connotations right off the top of my head than these idiots on-line (wiki,, etc.). The curmudgeon is usually a guy ( with the exception of Florence King, whom I just found out died sadly about a year back ) who is just downright sick of the way things change for the worse (or thinks they do, more like) and is pretty down on anything new, even if he really hasn't thought much of it, or tried it. It really doesn't match the few defintions I saw just now, via bing. For one thing, it does not at all require one to be mean or cranky.

Anyway, by my, correct, definition, I can see that I think like this, but I think to be a curmudgeon, one must think this way without the world really having changed in a bad way. This is why I wonder: Am I a curmudgeon, or is the country and most of the world really starting to suck ass?

Take music, for instance. Yes, my parents really bad-mouthed the rock-and-roll, and said it wasn't good like the old stuff, so how is it different if I think the same of the modern music compared to what I liked and still enjoy. If it's just the same old story each generation or so, that would make me a curmudgeon - at least with respect to music. If modern music is, indeed, vapid crap and worse, then it's not me, it's the music, right? For his particular area, the answer is easy to come by. How, you ask? Think about this: even an old-timer who grew up in the 1940's or so will still admit to liking at least some of the rock-and-roll (stuff with a good tune) or at least the folk, pop, real country music, and the rest that was heard well after their youth. And now, you've got 15 year-olds listening to Zeppelin, AC/DC, and thousands of other artists from the 60's through 80's because the hip-hop is GARBAGE, the pop music sounds like crap too, and they realize it at their young age.

The above, and other thoughts - let me write about Windows software another time - make me realize that it's not me, it's the world that is the problem.

I hope to revisit this theme, one that most of any readers of this site may also ponder, during other posts.

However, in the meantime, could music this good ever be written in this day and age? (Spoiler alert, pshaaaww, hell no, in the vernacular of a curmudgeon):

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