- website review:

Glenn Reynolds could be called my blog-grandaddy (or something), as that was one of his funny terms he used back when blogging was the coolest new thing. He must have been one of the earilest political bloggers for sure, as I remember reading Instapundit in 2001, or even 2000 or so - I can remember where I lived at the time which pinpoints the year pretty closely.

Glenn is a law professor at the University of Tennessee, and he doesn't try to remain anonymous (which is why I know this). I always wondered how he had enough time to do write posts, usually at the rate of 2 to 5 per hour during the day. Granted, Glenn does not write very long at a time. The usefulness of his blog is in his pointing out articles from around the web. He usually has something to say about each, but it varies from short paragraph to just a word or two and the remark "heh!", which he should have copyrighted by now along with "Indeed", and "They said if I voted for [insert name of liberatian/conservative candidate who lost] then [insert bad thing created by winning left-wing politican] would happpen, and they were right!" Yeah, that never stops being funny, until it does. Heh! Glenn, just messing with you.


Instapundit has always been a very quick-loading simple web page to bring up. I usually don't look at anything but the main page, but there are a few features links at the top. This is one I will try to load to make sure I am really online reading live web pages. I am so used to instapundit not having comments (until just 2 or 3 years ago) that I don't read them. I looked just now, and the comments are in the pjmedia-type format - very readable, but there are mostly the neo-con types commenting from my first glance (not a lot of data from just the one look, of course).


Glenn Reynolds, and hence, instapundit, leans libertarian. At some point I got off of the site for a year or more, as his views on immigration were bordering on the stupidity seen at, say However, I think Glenn is comming around, and becoming a real conservative in addition to a libertarian. I hardly ever find myself disagreeing with his comments these days, though sometimes his choices of articles to link to leave me wondering. I always look at the status bar to make sure I'm not going to the NY Times or Huffington Post or some other hellhole of the web, before I click.

Glenn is an incessant blogger, and therefore, if one is bored, he can find a new link and/or a bit of writing about and article, usually anytime a half hour has passed since the last veiw. As of lately, there are some co-bloggers that write close to half the posts. This is a new thing, as these people used to only blog when Glenn would take the week off. Professor Reynolds may be getting a bit slower in his old age, but this website is still the classic political blog.